Why Christine?

In my first term, I've applied my skills in urban planning to make decisions that prepare Salem for future growth. I've been a champion on adopting housing policies that better prepare Salem for the needs of all its citizens; an advocate for creating a safe environment for users of all transportation modes; and promoting our Downtown as an arts and culture destination. As a Ward Councillor, I have striven to be responsive to neighborhood issues and accessible through many channels of communication - on and offline. 

Keep Salem Affordable

My top priority is keeping  Salem affordable for all - regardless of age, income, or family type. This means diverse options for housing regardless of the life stage you are in. Seniors should easily be able downsize to smaller homes and still take advantage of Salem's walkability and amenities. Young families should be able to upgrade to larger units to accommodate a growing family. Young professionals should be able to find affordable apartments and keep the short commute to Boston.

Development in our city is a positive reflection on our desirability. People want to live and invest in Salem because of the culture and sense of community it offers. I believe any housing development in Ward 2 should meet the long term needs of our residents and thoughtfully designed to further augment the character of our neighborhoods. 

Build on our Prosperity

My second priority is to continue to build on current successes of businesses and restaurants downtown, around the Common, and along Bridge Street Neck. Our businesses will enjoy patronage year-round from residents and visitors alike, adding to the vibrancy of our main streets.

We already have an extraordinary collection of restaurants, retail, and professional services, but much of our retail industry revolves around seasonal business during October. I am committed to looking for ways to make Salem business-ready: streamlining the permitting and review processes and supporting local organizations who promote our city and all its happenings. I want Salem to be the cultural center of the north shore. 

Keep Salem Inclusive

As your City Councillor, I will continue to champion diversity and inclusiveness to ensure the progress we have made is not rolled back. To me, an inclusive Salem means that anyone who lives, works, and plays here can do so safely and comfortably regardless of their age, place of origin, income, or physical ability.